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 *NEW*     Wicca & Witchcraft Courses & Workshops in London for 2014


Outdoor Wiccan Apprentice Course 2014 -spring
Practical Magic Workshops 2014 -v2
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Our main courses and workshops centre around Wicca, Witchcraft & magic, though we also run courses in General Paganism, Divination & Healing, and Practical magic. We have been been facilitating independent esoteric Courses and magical workshops- at indoor central London venues, and at outdoor woodland settings- for 5 years.  Initially these were under the name of `Tamesa Courses’, then Craft & Magic courses.

Subjects Covered in our Courses & Workshops: 


- Introduction to Paganism & Magic.

- Introduction to Wicca & Witchcraft.

- Introduction to Divination & Healing (Taot, Runes, Astrology, Crystals).

- Practical magic Workshops (Pentacles, Wands, Abundance magic, Creativity).

- Making tools.

- Shamanic working with Masks & Tribal rituals.

- Writing Magical Rituals

Our Courses  page gives Course contents, modules and other useful information. We share related matters of interest in NEWS. Our `Articles ’ pages give short informative articles on Paganism, magic & cycles, which will be of value to beginners. The Guideline page gives background and preparatory information on how & where we run our courses (indoors & outdoors). You can read more about our Pagan & magical expertise and experiences in About Us.

Past Courses & Workshops

(We repeat these periodically)

Outdoor Wicca Course -  Gods, Initiations & Magic - 13th July’14

  • Topics Covered (see poster above) -  Horned God & Moon Goddess in Wicca;  Cakes & Wine Blessing; Covens & Initiations;  Seekers Journey towards Initiation;  Practical work:  Cord magic; Working with Runes; Making wax pentacle

 Fee: 20 per person

Duration:    12pm to 5pm

Venue: Trent Park, North London (nearest tube: Cockfosters, then 5 min walk to Trent Park)

*Note* This course will go ahead regardless of weather conditions. We will work under rain cover sheet, if it rains.

What to bring: Comfortable cloths; cushion to sit on (optional); blanket to sit on; small pack-luck for your self; (we will have a 30 min break at about 2pm and few  other comfort breaks).

  Book for Wicca Course-on 13th July’14 NOW. (20 payable via secure Paypal)  *When booking, please include your mobile number in instructions to Seller’ box.  So we can keep you updated quickly of any changes. Thank you.

  Introduction to Wicca & Witchcraft - 3-week Course (Conway Hall, Holborn, central London). Places strictly limited to 12 spaces.

Following our 1-day intro course, many have asked for a detailed course. In this 3-session course (one evening per week), we cover in detail the basics of Wicca & witchcraft:   Wiccan ritual format;  Consecrations, Circle casting, Working with elements & quarters, energy raising, God & Goddess in Wicca, Magical work & ritual, and the 8-fold pagan festivals / Wheel of the Year.

 Dates:  13th, 18th & 28th June 2012.     Time: 7.00pm-9.30pm .      Fee:   12 per session payable on the day.  

  Wicca & Witchcraft - 1-day Taster session (Conway Hall, Holborn, central London). Places strictly limited to 12 spaces.

 we cover  basics of Wicca & witchcraft:   Wiccan ritual format;  Consecrations, Circle casting, Working with elements & quarters, energy raising, God & Goddess in Wicca, Magical work  .

 Dates:  16th May  2012.     Time: 7.00pm-9.30pm .      Fee:   10 per session payable on the day.  


These monthly circles will begin in Spring 2012.   

  Witchcraft & Magic Circles (Monthly, outdoors, London).     -Regular outdoor Ritual and practical Magic workings  will be held once a month, usually on a Saturday afternoon  or evening, in an outdoor setting (Park, woodland, forest- within easy train/tube access). 

Basics of Wicca & Witchcraft, Ritual Magic & Psychic development work will be facilitated on an ongoing basis.  Suitable for beginners & experienced, but all Participants are expected to prepare in advance and bring appropriate personal tools  for each Circle. Join our special e-mail list and we will send advance info on what to bring and prepare for each time.

Regular attendance, open mind and ability to work with others despite  differences  and commitment is very useful when joining a group such as this.   Please be fully familiar with our guidelines & important policies. 

Introduction to Wicca & Witchcraft’    3-week Evening Course..

 This is an introductory course to Wicca & Witchcraft, running in an indoor venue in central London.  The Course Facilitators have Craft & Coven experiences of 15+ years.  

Course content: (We will cover the following `Wicca’ subject matters within the 3 weeks, but some topics may move between sessions, if appropriate on the day!).

  • Session 1:  Brief history of Wicca and Witchcraft (modern form as created by Gerald Gardner in 1950’s); 2 Strands of Wicca; Basic principles & guidelines; How to starting to work magical energy; Creating Sacred space (magic Circle!) & Consecrations; Understanding Elements & Quarters, and how to invoke them in a magic circle; 
  • Session 2:  Place of God & Goddess in Wicca; Tripple Goddess of the Moon; Horned Gods;  Cup & Sword journey; Invoking vs Evoking deities; Energy raising chants in Wicca.
  • Session 3:     Purpose and creation of Wiccan Altars; Basic tools of Wicca and their ritual use; Ritual Magic & Spell Craft-  Principles of Magic;  How to practise Candle magic & Cord magic;  Next steps in Wicca- groups, rituals, explorations & initiations.

Style of sessions: Introductions & notes, some exercises; group discussions, guided path-working, demonstrations by tutors; short rituals; some chants; brief magical works; Your questions & answers!.

Practical Magic Workshops (outdoors in Woods).

 “Wicca & Witchcraft is a mystery tradition and best learnt experientially. It is gritty, muddy, wet & wild. Working with tools, blood, bones, knots & spells are part of that, as well as the exploration of deities, elements and seasonal cycles of nature”

These 2  Practical Magic’ workshops are designed to compliment our indoor Wicca Course, as well as give participants experience of working directly  with, and in natural woodland / park settings. (you may attend 1 or both workshops).

workshop 1: Charms & Pentacle (with Abundance Ritual): Making Wax pentacle with embedded Crystals, adding wiccan symbols; creating a Charm using coins & crystals; an abundance ceremony using Venus / Luxmi (hindu goddess of love & wealth). Involves 108 word chant.

Workshop 2: Talismans & Wand (with protection / Energy ritual): Making a magical wand using a suitable branch / wood & crystal point; Carving with Runic symbols (includes quick introduction to Rune symbols and bind-runes); Power & Protection spell. .

 Paganism & Magic (PF London official Course facilitated by Mani & April)

PF London is presenting an introduction Course in Paganism & Magic- for all new comers & beginners! An opportunity not to be missed!!

Experienced Tutors will lead this 1-day evening course, covering introduction to Paganism, Pagan paths, Gods & Goddessess, Nature worship, Principles & ethics of Magic, purpose and form of basic rituals and more. If time permits, your questions will be answered on any other related topics.

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