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Welcome to Wicca, Witchcraft & Magic  in London, UK.

We believe in magically Empowering people of all spiritual and esoteric paths, with information, guides, expert advise,  webinars, open rituals and free articles. We also provide indoor / outdoor courses and workshops in Witchcraft, Wicca & magic, and many related Services and products! You can learn Witchcraft spells, ritual magic, facts, history & principles through these courses, and  embark on a journey of personal empowerment and pagan spirituality. * Bright Blessings*

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Spring Goddess invocation

Beltane Fire Festival Ediburgh -Nudity

Invocation to Cernunnos

Make a Spriral Wand

London Pagan Parade

Make a Withcy Broom

Calling Bride virgin Goddess


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 We will shortly be re-starting our `Wiccan Apprentice Training’ courses  & Practical Magic Workshops


Our  Rituals

 Earth Day Picnic & Eco-Ceremony :   21st April 2014 - (Bank Holiday Monday)
Earth Day Picnic 21april2014- Trent park- north London sm

Woodland Wicca  Circles. 12th April’14
Woodland Wicca & Witchcraft  Circles - monthly in London 2014

 Beltane Ritual in Woods - 26th April 2014
HT Beltane  2014-sm

Birthday of Isis Ritual - 17July-Thames
Birth of Isis Ritual 2014 London -sm (c)Mani Navasothy

Key Dates in 2014 


Note: Some links take you to our sister groups - Hern’s Tribe, Tamesa  Circle & Gaian Times

13th April

Monthy Wicca Circle

21 April

Earth day Picnic

26 April

Outdoor Beltane Ritual

27th April

Wiccan Apprentice - session#1  (starts)

11th May

Wiccan Apprentice - session#2

Monthly Wicca Circle

18th May

Wiccan Apprentice - session#3

Practical Magic Workshop- Wand making & Rune Magic

 8th June

Wiccan Apprentice Session#4

Monthly Wicca Circle

29th June

Wiccan Apprentice session#5

Practical Magic workshop: Pentacle making & Cord Magic

21 June

Midsummer Camp / Ritual

13 July

Wicca Monthly Circle

17 July

Birthday of Isis (Thames) Ritual

19th July

1-Day Wicca Course (tbc)

26 July

Outdoor Lammas Ritual



Interactive Calendar

Calendar 2014 - Events Rituals Astrology

Wicca Courses, Workshops & e-Training

~Wiccan Apprentice -Experiential Training Course -sm- WitchcraftandWicca-org-uk
*NEW*  Wiccan Apprentice - Experiential Training Course   

Duration: April to June’14 (3 core sessions monthly with 2 additional workshop sessions in May & June)

If you are interested in learning all aspects of Wicca in an experiential way over a period of 3 months, in a woodland setting, under the expertise & guidance.

  • Starts on 27th April.  Book Now

 You will learn the foundations of Wicca, Principles & laws, Altars & Consecrations, Circle casting, Elemental Quarters & Energy Raising in a Circle, Invoking the Horned God & Triple Moon Goddess.  You will also learn about doing Magic & crafting essential Wiccan tools (wand, Pentacle, Rune Magic & Cord Magic).    Sessions last 3-4 hours in the afternoon, in a woodland venue. 

After core sessions 2 & 4 you can also join our monthly Wicca Ritual Circle- and gain practical Circle-craft experience (and use what you learn).

Read full details about Wiccan Apprentice


Practical magic workshops - wicca & witchcraft- bnr smPractical Magic - Wicca Workshops (outdoors).

Workshop 1:

Wand-Making & Rune magic.

Workshop 2:

Wax pentacle making & Cord Magic. 

  • Starts in 18th May’14. Book Now 

Read about Practical Magic Workshops



coven guide: become an initiated wiccan. -by Mani Navasothy -web2Coven Guide: Become an Initiated Witch. This book explains the journey of  seeking initiation in Wicca,  Etiquette and protocols  to follow - before, during and after the Initiation. Written by Mani Navaosthy, initiated Wiccan High Priest (London)

e-Witch Course 2012e-Witch Apprentice Training Course.

Download the modules and study at your own pace. Info, Rituals, making tools, excercises, Transpersonal psychology..and more. Full e-mail support with video tutorials .

Wicca & Pagan  Blogs

ad-quantumphoenix blog

Wiccan Journeys & High Priest thoughts on Covens

Pan & Aphrodite Chant for Valentine Day Love spells

Introduction to Wicca, Witchcraft & Ritual Magic

Video of a Wiccan Initiation into Janet & Stewart Farrar

Who on Earth was Doreen Valiente?

Hierarchy in Wiccan Covens

Support for your Esoteric Ventures

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